The past 12 years were just a taste… Announcing the new, forever home of Austin Beerworks.

We are building what we hope to be the greatest beer playground this town has ever seen. And we want you to be a part of it from the beginning.

But before we install the lazy river, disc golf course, and ferris wheel (one of these is real) we need to build the heart of the property: the taproom. And that’s why we created Beerworks For Life. BW4L is a way for you to be a part of our team in this new chapter.

You’ll be the first to hear what’s coming next. To be invited to groundbreaking parties, exclusive merch, 2‑for‑1 ferris wheel tickets (are we kidding?), and most importantly – TO DRINK FOR FREE!

Here’s how it works.
Beerworks For Life will fund the transformation of an existing building on the new property into a glorious taproom. Once you are a BW4L member (tattoo mandatory) every single time you visit, your first drink is free. Forever. This is not a typo.


But wait, there’s more! You also get your first drink for free at the currently existing brewery. Forever. No, the taproom you know and love is not going anywhere in the immediate future. More on that later.

This program is a way for us all to get the new taproom open as quickly as possible, and give you the chance to walk through our doors and act like you own the place.

Special mug and fancy membership card

Still need convincing?

That first beer isn’t just free, it’s served to you in a special Lifer’ mug. Only Beerworks4Lifers get their suds served in these distinctive glasses. This is not showy like the giant light-up Stetson we considered giving to all B4lifers. It’s a subtlety exclusive, power-beer-stein move, that lets your friends know you’re a little better than them. One more perk of being in the club.

So where is this magical place?

We bought 64 acres right there on Springdale Rd. northeast of where 183 and 290 intersect. It used to be called Sprinkle, TX. Where it rains beer. (That’s the actual town name! Not the actual tagline) On the hill overlooking the property is a large existing building. That’s what we’re going to turn into a taproom. The rest of the land is undeveloped and a giant opportunity waiting to happen.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

For the bargain price of $10,000 $5,000 $1,000, you get one free beer per day at either Austin Beerworks location. Your free beer will be served in an exclusive 20oz mug, available only to Lifers (that’s what we lovingly call y’all). Subsequent beers purchased will also be served in the 20oz mug. Additionally, Lifers will receive your own unique membership card and an invitation to a private, pre-opening party at the new taproom.

Well, sure if that’s what you want. We’ll be happy to pour you a glass of wine or a cider drink instead. It just won’t come in the special 20oz mug!

No, Lifer Privileges are valid only for the person who purchased the Beerworks For Life membership.

Let’s just say buying 64 acres of land in Austin is not cheap. It’s expensive. Like, scary expensive. But this has been our dream all along: to be an independent craft brewery that brews world-class beer — forever. And owning the land upon which we brew that beer is critical. This investment is good for the long term, but leaves us needing immediate help to get the new doors open and the taps flowing. And that’s when we saw the opportunity to get our super-supportive community involved.

All proceeds from the Beerworks For Life membership program will go directly to renovating and opening the new Austin Beerworks taproom.


It’s going to be our working brewery and taproom for years. It’s not closing. It is staying open. Our current lease is through 2025 and our plan is to keep brewing beer and serving that beer out of here as long as we can.

Hell yeah! That is the bright shiny goal we have been working towards all these years— to build a world-class destination brewery. It’s just gonna take some time. Unless one of you wants to buy a $10,000,000 membership. That also comes with free snacks.

Aha! We are open to suggestions. Everything is on the table right now (because it’s just in our minds!) Event center. Boutique hotel. Winery. Distillery. Some other kinds of alcohol that haven’t even been invented yet. You name it! And yes, we are already working with Mint Discs to build a competition-level disc golf course on the land. See what you learn when you join Beerworks For Life!

Please send your questions to info@​austinbeerworks.​com with the subject Beerworks For Life” and we’ll get back to you ASAP!